5th May 2020

Investing in yourself during lockdown

Are you using this time to invest in YOU, develop yourself both professionally and personally. What #newhobbies have you taken up, or #newskills are you learning, that you've always wanted to do but never had the time until now? Let us know and tag us in your photos! #investinyourself 

Chris Lewis' guitars
Ste McCartney's studio

Colleagues at Tilemaster have been investing their time in learning new things! Chris Lewis, who is Regional Sales Manager for Ireland, Wales, the South West and Channel Islands for the Ceramic Sector, has restrung and retuned his guitars in order to get back into playing them.  He has also re-sparked his passion for painting which is something he last did back in 2009. Another musically talented employee is Ste McCartney, our H&S Coordinator, "Between my wife and I both working from home and caring for our two young children, we haven’t found a lot of time for learning new skills or trying new hobbies but I have been spending a lot of nights in my man cave/studio catching up on my music. I should have a couple of albums' worth of songs by the time this is all over!"

Jack Gautier shows off his magic skills

Jack Gautier, a member of our Technical Support department, wanted to do something different during the pandemic and decided to purchase a magic set to try and learn magic.  He’s hoping to become the next 'Dynamo'! Watch this space…

Phil Daniels' garden
Simon Philips' garden campsite

We’ve had a couple of our colleagues not necessarily learning new skills as such, but tackling projects around the house! Phil Daniels, our Operations Manager, has used his weekends to build a little decking haven so he and the family can spend more time outside, and Simon McPhillips, in our Purchasing and Production Planning team, has totally revamped his back garden. As Simon's hobbies are hiking and camping, he decided that building a fire pit and setting up a tent in his new back garden for him and his son, will help fill the void left by the hobbies he's so missing!

Lastly, we've had quite a number of people learning new languages. Rachel Singleton, who is HR Manager, decided to make a start on increasing her Italian vocabulary. She already practices German as she has family in Germany and since joining the Kerakoll and Tilemaster team, she feels it's important to try to perfect her ability to communicate with our Italian colleagues in their mother tongue. She's not the only one learning Italian! Our General Manager's Secretary, Hannah Southworth, has used her time to learn Italian as well as British Sign Language, and Romas Paltanavicius as Warehouse Manager has decided to learn Italian too, "I can already speak four languages fluently - those being Russian, Polish, Lithuanian and English… so what’s another one to add to my vocabulary!"