Tilemaster offer a complete range of preparation products that will enable you to ensure all suitable & correctly installed substrates are ready for the next stage of the installation and provide a perfect base for a successful and long lasting installation.

Digital Hygrometer

Substrate Moisture Reader

Tilemaster's Digital Hygrometer is an instrument designed to provide accurate moisture readings of substrates prior to installing floor coverings. The required moisture content of the floor must be confirmed before installing floor coverings, making Tilemaster's Digital Hygrometer an ideal, must have instrument to use when finding the moisture content. Tilemaster’s Digital Hygrometer is an easy to use, easy to read instrument, that provides accurate, non destructive Relative Humidity (RH) readings. The hygrometer is quick and easy to place, whilst also being easy to lift - ready to be used time and time again.

Digital Hygrometer
  • Ready To Use
  • Easy To Place & Lift
  • Digital Readout For Accurate Relative Humidity % Readings
  • Suitable For Cement Based & Calcium Sulphate Based Screeds
  • Non-Destructive Test Method

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