Preparing for a replacement floor
31st March 2020

Preparing for a replacement floor

Sometimes the easiest way to refurbish an existing floor is simply to put the new floor over the top. Where the previous floor consists of sound ceramic or vinyl tiles, these can be primed with Tilemaster Prime+ Grip before using a levelling compound such as Tilemaster Rapid Level 30, a water-based ultra-rapid setting self-levelling compound that is ready for tiling after 60 minutes and laying impervious flooring after 90 minutes.  For floors with a greater level of irregularity, Tilemaster LevelFlex is both fibre-reinforced and can be used at depths of 2mm to 50mm.  This self-levelling compound can be used over existing tongue and groove floorboards as well as ceramic and stone tiles and has a waiting time before laying of 3 hours for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles and 24 hours for decorative flooring.

Where the refurbishment includes an external area, Tilemaster External Leveller is a good choice of smoothing compound as it is suitable for use both internally and externally. It can be used over an existing stone or ceramic installation after priming and can be left as a wearing surface, if so desired.  It is ready for light foot traffic and tiling after 3 hours and can receive soft floor coverings after 24 hours.

Tilemaster Eco-3000 is the newest product from Tilemaster Adhesives, suitable for installing LVT, PVC, vinyl and rubber flooring as well as carpet, textiles and uncoupling membranes onto a wide variety of substrates.  It can be used over a damp proof membrane where an existing vinyl floor has been lifted and is ideal for use when refurbishing conservatories, as well as other buildings with large expanses of glass where direct sunlight may heat the floor.  Tilemaster Eco-3000 has been formulated with a fast tacking-off time.  Flooring can be installed after as little as 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state. Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours.

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