Primers are designed to stabilise and seal the substrate prior to applying one of the Tilemaster cement based products.  Primers increase the adhesion of cement based products.

Flexible additives are used to enhance the performance of Tilemaster cement based products.  When added to tile adhesive and/or grout, the flexible additive improves the products adhesion, flexibility and durability.

Prime + Grip

Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer

Tilemaster Prime + Grip is a ready mixed, ready to use, rapid drying primer that can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Tilemaster Prime + Grip provides a textured "+ Grip" surface which gives an excellent bonding surface for Tilemaster tile adhesives and self-levelling compounds. Tilemaster Prime + Grip gives added confidence when tiling and/or self-levelling directly onto smooth, non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces due to its excellent bond enhancing properties. Tilemaster Prime + Grip is rapid drying and it can be tiled or levelled over after as little as 15 minutes. Tilemaster Prime + Grip is suitable for use internally and externally. Tilemaster Prime + Grip is our recommended primer to be used in conjunction with Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM.

Prime + Grip

45 - 65m² per 5kg unit

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  • Designed to prime, seal and stabilise substrates
  • Significantly improves adhesion bond strength of tile adhesives and self-levelling compounds
  • Excellent for use on a wide range of smooth, non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces
  • Rapid drying - primer dries in as little as 15 minutes
  • Prime straight from the re-sealable tub
  • Provides an excellent key and "+ Grip" surface
  • Ideal for tile on tile applications
  • Ready mixed and ready to use primer
  • Excellent coverage of up to 65m² per 5kg unit

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