Time’s on your side with Tilemaster Setaflex Semi-Rapid
5th October 2015
Posted by Angela Fitzhugh

Time’s on your side with Tilemaster Setaflex Semi-Rapid

Tilemaster’s Setaflex Semi-Rapid provides the ideal adhesive option for large format, natural stone and intricate tile installations. Developed to give longer working times, the polymer-modified adhesive has a pot life of 90-120 minutes and can be walked-on/grouted after six hours. Certified S1 flexibility and moisture tolerance also make the adhesive suitable for a wide range of surfaces and substrates, internally and externally.

During installations, Setaflex Semi-Rapid can be applied up to 12mm in depth and is suitable for most solid substrates, as well as timber, floors prone to some movement/vibration and underfloor heating systems. The adhesive’s extended pot life and slip resistance make it ideal for very large tile designs, mosaics and patterned installations, whilst its set time prevents staining of natural stone. Setaflex Semi-Rapid’s moisture and frost resistance also make it ideal for wet rooms, swimming pools, patios and external cladding.

Setaflex Semi-Rapid conforms to BS EN 12004 (Class C2 TE) and EN 12002 (S1 Flexible). It is available in 20kg pack sizes, in white and grey. For more information on Tilemaster’s comprehensive range of floor preparation products, please tel. 01772 456831, email