Tanking a Wet Room with Tilemaster
25th June 2020

Tanking a Wet Room with Tilemaster

Tilemaster Adhesives has the perfect products to waterproof a wet room.  Tilemaster Tanking Paste is a fast-drying product that is applied without priming, as a single coat to produce a barrier to moisture with enough built in flexibility to accommodate the range of movement present in structurally stable floors, walls and shower cubicles.  It is suitable for use in wet rooms, steam rooms and other areas subject to prolonged wet conditions, and seals and stabilises substrates before tiles are applied.  It should be used in conjunction with Tilemaster Tanking Tape, a fleece tape for waterproofing, and pre-formed corners which reinforce the most vulnerable parts of the system.  These products are all sold separately, or can be purchased together in the handy Tilemaster Tanking Kit which gives you everything that you need to waterproof your wet room.  A self-adhesive version of the tape, Tilemaster Self Adhesive Tanking Tape, is also available for use where appropriate. 

Tiles can then be fixed after approximately 3 hours when the Tanking Paste is dry, using a suitable flexible adhesive such as the Tilemaster Setaflex or Magix ranges and the installation finished with Grout 3000 and Silicone 3000+.

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