A Sustainable Way to Waterproof Wet Areas
17th November 2020

A Sustainable Way to Waterproof

With sustainability coming more and more to the fore as a priority when specifying construction products, we look at the ecological characteristics of Tilemaster Adhesives' Tanking Paste.  This is a fast-drying product that produces a barrier to moisture with enough built in flexibility to accommodate the range of movement present in structurally stable floors, walls and shower cubicles.  It is suitable for use in wet rooms, steam rooms and other areas subject to prolonged wet conditions. 

The fact that it is applied as a single coat without priming means that there is a large reduction in the quantity of products needing to be manufactured and transported, and a corresponding reduction in the amount of CO2 expended.  It is produced in Lancashire from locally sourced raw materials and in the market for which it is destined, again reducing its carbon footprint.   

In addition to sealing them, Tilemaster Tanking Paste stabilises substrates before tiles are applied, meaning that they last longer and are less likely to fail and have to be replaced leading to more landfill.

Lastly it is a non-hazardous product which is safe for the installer and the environment.