Smoothing Underlayments
1st March 2020

It's all about the flow - achieving the perfect subfloor

We all know how important it is to start with the perfect subfloor but getting a totally smooth surface can sometimes seem impossible when faced with old uneven or cracked screeds covered in adhesive residues.   The Tilemaster range of surface preparation products can take the pain out of the process.

Under time pressure and needing to apply a self-levelling compound over a DPM, on top of existing tiles or over old bitumen adhesive residues?  Then pick Tilemaster Super Flow 30.  This two-part latex-based self-levelling compound is workable for 10-15 minutes, but can accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes and is ready for ceramic tiles after 60 minutes and other floor coverings after 90 minutes.  It can be used from depths of 2mm to 15mm in one application.  It also tolerates moisture so can be used under a DPM as well as on top.  You can use it on all sorts of sub-floors without the need for priming on most, and it is great for use with underfloor heating and on plywood overlay.  

If you need to cover greater depths, Levelflex and Flexilevel are both fibre-reinforced and can be used in depths of 2mm to 50mm.  Both are suitable for a variety of substrates including over existing tongue and groove boards and have a waiting time before laying of 3 hours for ceramic tile and 24 hours for decorative flooring.

The rest of the range covers all of the options you could possibly want: from Rapid Level 30, a water-based ultra-rapid setting self-levelling compound that is ready for tiling after 60 minutes and laying impervious flooring after 90 minutes; through Trade Flow and Pro Flow, both of which are smoothing compounds suitable for most substrates in depths of 2mm - 12mm and remain workable for up to 25 minutes; to Fine Flow 3000 which is suitable for any depth from the finest feather-edge to 20mm.

And for those times when all you need is a few patches - Rapid Repair can be used for holes and cracks up to 50mm in depth, while Tilemaster Feather is for patching minor defects up to 3mm in depth or as a skim coat.  Coverings can be laid as little as 15 minutes after applying Tilemaster Feather.

Talk to your Tilemaster Area Manager or the Tilemaster Technical Team for more information and help on choosing the product that suits your project.