Rapid Tile Installation
21st October 2021

Rapid Tile Installation

When time is of the essence, it is essential to use a system that will allow rapid completion without cutting corners, safe in the knowledge that the installation will not fail. Luckily the Tilemaster Rapid System makes all of this very easy and allows project completion including grouting in around 4 hours.

This is even more vital when underfloor heating is involved.  The stresses on a tiling installation caused by underfloor heating should not be under estimated and it is important to ensure that the correct installation methods are adhered to, especially when under time pressure.

Rapid Level 30 should be used to smooth and level the substrate before tiling.  This water-based, ultra-rapid setting, flexible self-levelling compound is ready for tiling after 45 minutes.  It is perfect for use on plywood overlay, and has sufficient flexibility to cope with the expansion and shrinkage caused by underfloor heating.  For screeds with UFH, allow the screed to fully cool after commissioning.  For electric underfloor heating systems, fully encase the wires in a layer of Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 and allow to dry.

Once the Rapid Level 30 has dried, Rapid Setaflex should be used to fix the tiles over the screed making sure the tiles are laid on a solid bed of adhesive with no voids.  Rapid Setaflex is ready for grouting after 3 hours with a 30 minute pot life and has genuine S1 flexibility making it ideal for use on timber substrates and with UFH systems. 

After fixing, tiles should be grouted with Tilemaster Grout 3000, a flexible, fast setting wall and floor grout which can be used for joints between 1mm and 20mm, available in a range of 18 colours allowing you to colour match to the tile, or to use a contrasting colour as desired.

Lastly where you are fixing over underfloor heating, wait at least one week once tiling has been completed before turning the heating system back on, and do so gradually to commission the tile installation.  Once complete the heating can be used as normal.