New Improved Smoothing from Tilemaster Adhesives
13th April 2021

New Improved Smoothing from Tilemaster Adhesives

We’ve just launched several new enhanced versions of some of our best-selling products to help provide the perfect subfloor preparation before installing floor coverings.

Tilemaster LevelFlex+ Finish is the evolution of Tilemaster LevelFlex, which has been specifically developed to give a superb surface finish allowing resilient floor coverings to be laid directly on top of the surface.  As its name implies, it is a flexible fibre-reinforced smoothing compound that is rapid setting and drying, allowing foot traffic after 2.5 hours and floor coverings to be applied after 4 hours.  It can be applied in depths from 2mm to 60mm over a wide variety of substrates including flooring grade bitumen and asphalt, existing vinyl and ceramic tiles, steel, as well as calcium sulphate and sand & cement screeds, and concrete.  It is moisture tolerant making it suitable for use to pre-smooth the floor before installation of a epoxy damp proof membrane. 

Rapid Repair Mortar+ is the new incarnation of Rapid Repair Mortar: a rapid drying, fast setting mortar for internal and external repairs, designed for repairing, re-facing, filling and patching floors.  It can be used in thicknesses between 2mm and 50mm on concrete, sand and cement screeds, and existing ceramic and stone tiles without the need for additional aggregate. When mixed with additional aggregate, Rapid Repair Mortar+ can be applied up to 80mm.  Rapid Reapir Mortar+ is also moisture tolerant so can be used to repair the floor before applying an epoxy damp proof membrane.  It can be walked on after 30 minutes, and resilient floor coverings can be fitted after 90 minutes regardless of the thickness of the application.

Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM is a fast curing epoxy surface damp proof membrane which has been reformulated to offer enhanced capabilities.  It can be used on cement based surfaces with a moisture reading of up to 98% RH, unheated calcium sulphate screeds at 95% RH and onto heated calcium sulphate screeds at 90% RH. It is a one coat application, even as a constructional DPM and is ready to receive smoothing compounds or tile adhesives in 4 - 5 hours. 

The Tilemaster Hygrometer is a surface-mounted, non-destructive device for testing the Relative Humidity (RH) of the substrate before levelling or tiling.  Where the surface humidity is too high for the safe application of levelling compounds or tiles, an epoxy surface damp proof membrane should be installed. 

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