Tilemaster Adhesives Used For Travelodge
29th March 2021

Tilemaster Adhesives Used For Travelodge

Falcon Contract Flooring is currently working with Travelodge on their new hotel in St Albans and used Tilemaster Professional Flooring Products to prepare the reception area floor ready to receive a covering of Amtico Cornish Oak flooring.

The company first primed the screed with Tilemaster Primeplus, a priming and bonding agent designed to prime, stabilise, and seal substrates prior to the application of self-levelling and smoothing compounds.  This water-based primer can be used on absorbent surfaces and increases the adhesion of the smoothing compound to the screed.  Super Flow 30 was used to smooth the screed after priming, and although not necessarily required due to Super Flow 30's primer-less properties, Falcon decided to prime the substrate first to minimise the risk of pinholes forming, whilst allowing for the best flow properties and prolonging the working time of Super Flow 30.  Falcon needed 2 ½ pallets of the ultra-rapid setting double component smoothing compound, which has excellent flow and self-levelling properties and can be walked on after 30 minutes, with finished flooring installed after 90 minutes. 

Falcon’s Charlotte Southan commented that they chose Tilemaster Adhesives “as we have always found the customer service to be brilliant. Everyone is polite and easy to work with, offering great advice – it is clear they know what they are talking about. When working to strict deadlines, it’s important for us to have a trusted supplier to make sure materials are delivered on time; Tilemaster never let us down.”