Office Refurbishment
20th September 2021

A New Look for the Tilemaster Offices

We recently refurbished our offices in Leyland as part of a continual programme of work, including the extending of the factory and the upgrading of facilities throughout the premises.  The brief for the offices was to make them light, airy and bright. 

As part of this, the existing dark wooden flooring in the offices was replaced with grey stone-effect LVT throughout.  The process consisted of removing the existing flooring down to the previously installed flooring grade plywood.  All contaminants were fully removed, and the plywood was checked to ensure that it was in a suitable condition to be installed onto. The plywood was then checked to ensure it was sufficiently well screwed down, stable and solid, before it was primed with Tilemaster Prime+ Grip to consolidate the surface. 

The surface was then smoothed with Tilemaster Pro Flow, a double component, rapid setting smoothing compound that is ready for laying impervious flooring such as LVT and vinyl after 4 hours. Tilemaster Pro Flow has excellent flow and adhesion properties, is moisture-tolerant and can be used to smooth the floor prior to the installation of a DPM.  It can be used without priming on most substrates, but here priming was necessary to consolidate the old floor, and in addition, it minimises the risk of pinholes forming, allows for the best flow properties and prolongs the working time of the product.

Pro Flow was chosen in preference to other products within the Tilemaster Adhesives Professional Flooring Range as water was difficult for the installers to access at the time, and the product’s working time and flow rate were the best for the job.

Once the floor had dried, Tilemaster Eco-3000 was used to install the floor covering.  This high temperature universal adhesive is suitable for installing LVT, PVC, vinyl and rubber flooring as well as carpet and textiles onto a wide variety of substrates.  Flooring can be installed after as little as 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state.  Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours.