LevelFlex+ FINISH proves a hit for Mazon Flooring
17th June 2021

LevelFlex+ FINISH proves a hit for Mazon Flooring

Mazon Flooring chose to use Tilemaster products for the floor in a new extension of which 80% was sand and cement screed and the other 20% existing timber.  Sean Foley, Mazon’s Area Manager at Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd, recommended that they try LevelFlex+ FINISH, the enhanced version of LevelFlex which has just been launched.

Surface contaminants left by plasterers and other trades were first ground off before FAST One Coat DPM was applied to create an epoxy damp proof membrane, as the new screed still contained some residual moisture.  This fast curing DPM can be used on cement based surfaces with a moisture reading of up to 98% RH. 

Once the DPM was dry, it was primed with Tilemaster Prime + Grip.  The timber areas were all over boarded with flooring grade plywood and then primed with Primeplus. 

Once the surface preparation work was finished, Tilemaster LevelFlex+ FINISH was applied to the whole floor.  LevelFlex+ FINISH flows superbly, enabling the required levels between the sand and cement screed and the timber areas to be smoothed easily, and leaving the Mazon Flooring team impressed at the superb finish, which needed minimal preparation before installation of the final flooring.

The smoothing was completed on the Friday evening, and the team was able to come back on site on the Monday to complete the job.  The team used Tilemaster Eco-3000 adhesive to lay the LVT floor covering.  This is a universal high temperature flooring adhesive that has a fast tacking off time meaning that the floor went down very rapidly.

Alex Neale, the Mazon director commented “The product was great, it enabled us to smooth and level in one go with its ability to go to 60mm. Very happy with the overall finish. The Tilemaster range including the new LevelFlex+ FINISH means we are able to offer a full belt and braces system.  The rapid drying time means minimal down time, and at a time when we are extremely busy this is very important.”

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