Primers are designed to stabilise and seal the substrate prior to applying one of the Tilemaster cement based products.  Primers increase the adhesion of cement based products.

Flexible additives are used to enhance the performance of Tilemaster cement based products.  When added to tile adhesive and/or grout, the flexible additive improves the products adhesion, flexibility and durability.


Multi Purpose Flexible Additive and Primer

Flexmaster is a highly advanced acrylic based polymer which can be used as a flexible additive and/or a primer. As a flexible additive, Flexmaster increases the flexibility, durability, adhesion properties and water resistance of Tilemaster tile adhesives and grouts. Flexmaster is sold undiluted and as a result can be adapted/diluted to meet site requirements. 

As a primer, Flexmaster is designed to prime, stabilise and seal substrates prior to the application of Tilemaster tile adhesives and self levelling compounds. Flexmaster increases the adhesion and prolongs the working time of tile adhesives and self levelling compounds. Flexmaster can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, internally and externally. 


Coverage as a Flexible additive: 5 litres of Flexmaster mixed with 3 parts water produces enough flexible additive for 80kg of tile adhesive Coverage as a Primer: 1 litre applied neat will cover 10m². Diluted with 3 parts water, 1 litre will cover 40m².

Pack Sizes
1litre, 2.5litre, 5litre


  • As a Flexible Additive -
  • Increases the flexibility and adhesion of adhesives and grouts
  • Improves the durability and water repellence of adhesives and grouts
  • Can be added to any adhesive or grout within the Tilemaster range
  • As a Primer -
  • Wall & floor primer for absorbent & non-absorbent surfaces
  • Designed to prime, stabilise & seal substrates
  • Increases the adhesion of tile adhesives & levellers
  • Prolongs the working time of tile adhesives & levellers
  • Water based

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