Floor Levelling

The preparation of the substrate is of paramount importance.  When applying your choice of finished flooring, it is made far easier when the substrate is smooth, flat and level.  We manufacture three high performing self levelling compounds that are suitable for application to a wide array of substrates and to depths of up to 50mm in one application.  Each levelling compound will provide you with a well prepared substrate ready to receive the finished flooring. 


Flexible, Fibre Reinforced Self Levelling Floor Compound

Tilemaster FlexiLevel is a flexible, fibre reinforced, fast setting, protein free smoothing and levelling compound, designed for preparing subfloors prior to the installation of floor coverings. Tilemaster FlexiLevel has been developed to allow the product to be applied from depths of 2mm – 50mm in one application without the need for additional aggregate, whilst still allowing, due to its fast setting and drying properties, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles to be fitted from as little as 3 hours.

Tilemaster FlexiLevel can be used on a large variety of substrates, including sand & cement screeds, concrete, timber, flooring grade asphalt/bitumen and existing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

Tilemaster FlexiLevel can be used on underfloor heated screeds and retro fit overlay underfloor heating systems and is ideal for encapsulating electric underfloor heating elements.


25kg will cover 5.25m2 at 3mm thickness

Pack Sizes


  • Apply from 2 – 50mm
  • Fast setting - tile after 3 hours
  • Ideal for use above underfloor heating systems
  • Protein free
  • Pumpable

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